5 Reasons You should Choose a Good Tour Agent For Your African Safari

Usually it sounds fun, adventurous and liberating to travel on your own, rent a car and go on an adventure safari or travel trip on your own. However, in some cases, and in most cases, if the area of travel is quite unfamiliar it can cost you much more in terms of comfort, time, money and also your general experience in the country. Travel agents fend off dealing with situations or issues travelers would not normally wish to deal with and definitely save on time and effort required in traveling, as well as providing the best possible travel deals. Here is some reasons why you may consider booking a Safari tour operator or Travel agent.

1.Travel Agents will organize cheaper flight and transport deals

Many travel agents will help you book into cheaper more convenient flights and definitely save you on the extra amount you would have spent on airline tickets. Since travel agents are more familiar with tavel airlines and travel patterns they are able to more easily help you get the cheapest most convenient flights and save you on hours of endless searching.

2.They offer Group Travel and Group Packages.

If you are traveling in a group or are looking forward to join a group of other travelers it is important to consider traveling using a tour operator. Group travel is by far cheaper and may turn out to be more exciting and adventurous than a private safari travel. You should look around online for a certified and trusted Travel Agent or Adventure Safari provider and check if they offer an itinerary that fits your travel plan. Tour operators also offer custom itineraries to travellers to match their travel objectives. Also, group bookings attract large discounts and incentives at accommodations, luxury lodges and other places.

3.If you are traveling with your family

Family travel is more or less the same as group travel in that most travel agents will offer good rates for any good travel. Also, you can request special services especially if you need them for your kids, such as cheaper accommodation for kids or overall discount. Also, booking an agent would minimize heckles and unwarranted stress getting things together and working especially if the place of travel is not so familiar. This ensures you and your family have the best safari experience

4.When trying to book into a new place

It would be important to use an agent or safari operator if you are looking forward to travel to a new place. Rather than depend on online indexing and information got from surfing on the internet, you coukd choose to use a booking or travel agent as they often do personal ground checks on areas they recommend to their guests or take their guest. This therefore means that they have real information about vital qualities of the areas such as the security of the area, maintainance of premises, quality of service and such kind of information.

5. If you have a busy travel itinerary with lots of travel

If you have a busy travel plan, and are going to be overwhelmed getting everything together, in terms of hiring a vehicle, getting good accommodation, and such, and are only interested in the important aspects of your trip like, maybe, wildlife spotting or volunteering, you should consider a Tour provider or agent.

How to choose a good Tour Operator or Travel Agent

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Tracking “The Big Five”

The “big five” is a name that is mostly used when talking about the five most popular, biggest and most sought after wild animals in the African plain lands. They are indeed the hardest to find in the wild, especially the leopard, lions and rhinos, and have acquired a sort of celebrity status in the African wild. Others in this group are the elephant and buffalos. Most tourists who come to Africa are looking forward to seeing most of these spectacular animals, if not all of them. Finding them in the wild would require you to have just enough information about their behaviour and popular territories, especially the extremely shy ones like the rhinos and leopards. Here is some information that may be of help.

The lions

lions maraThe lion is Africa’s apex predator and the second biggest cat. It is Africa’s most popular animal and the only feline, or cat-family animal to live in groups or prides. The African lion lives mainly in the grasslands and are territorial, fighting even to the death to protect their lands. In Kenya you will find lions in almost all the national parks and game reserves. Like most predators, lions are nocturnal hunters, meaning they hunt at night. That means they are active at twilight or just after sunset. Gamechasers trying to see lions should plan an early morning or evening gamedrive to increase the chances of seeing a lion or pride. During the day however lions will mostly lie in the bushes or sleep hiding from the day’s heat and the sun.

Here is a list of Kenyan national Parks and Game reserves in which you can find lions.

The buffalos

buffalo maasai mara
cape buffalo in Maasai Mara

These are the giant herbivores of the savanna, and only known species of wild cattle. The buffalos live mostly in herds of upto a few hundreds and exhibit clear social structures and unity. Buffalos have been known to even work together to chase off predators! Buffalos need about 10 litres of water in a day hence they will be found not far from water-holes. With a population of over a million all across the continent, the buffalos are far from being endangered and can be easily tracked on the savanna, even in most national parks.

Where to find buffalos in Kenya


white rhinos
white rhinos grazing

Rhinos are definitely the rarest of the big five especially the black rhino with only about 540 left in the wild today. White rhinos, introduced from South Africa as part of a conservation effort, have reached a number of 350. This, coupled with the fact that rhinos are extremely shy to human encounters make it relatively hard to spot a rhino in the wild. Rhinos live in areas with thick vegetation or bushes as opposed to the open savanna and will hide from humans especially when they have a young one in tow. Due to their rareness in the natural wild, most white and black rhino sitings have happened in conservancies and orphanages. Most popular rhino sanctuaries are Lake Nakuru national Park, Ol Pejeta conservancy, Lewa National Park, Tsavo West park, Borana National Conservacy, Maasai Mara National Park and Aberdare National Park

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leopard in the treetops

Part of the cat family, these solitary animals live mostly up in the trees or in rocks in the slightly more forested African grasslands. Their choice of home makes it exceptionally hard to spot as they camouflage or disappear among the tree-tops or rocks. Leopards will spend most of their time in hiding as they are ambush predators and rely entirely on the element of surprise, and will eat in hiding to protect their kill from scavengers. You will be lucky to see a leopard in the wild. This is not to say, however, that it is impossible. Though the leopard isn’t confined to any one part of Kenya, and can be found in many wildlife parks or reserves, The Masai Mara National Reserve and the Samburu National Reserve are two parks particularly known for their leopards.


elephants in lewa
elephants at Lewa conservancy

The biggest animals in the continent , the elephants, most likely earned their name on this list thanks to their enormous size! They weigh between 2700kg and 6000kg. Elephants are found in most National Parks and theyfollow the same periodical migratory routes in search of grazing land and watering holes. Zebras are led by the eldest females who can remember all the routes to even the most remote water sources, where the elephants can find water even in the most extreme drought. Due to their large size they are easy to spot. The following are some National parks and reserves known for their elephants in Kenya, Amboseli National Park, Chyullu hills Park, Maasai Mara National Park, Samburu National Park, Nairobi National Park, Laikipia plateau.

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Why You Should Visit Maasai Mara

Most tourists who come to Africa and Kenya, are looking forward to that wild and natural safari adventure of a lifetime. When you think of Africa what comes to mind is its expansive savanna ,green from horizon to horizon with scattered bushes and the various unique wild animals that inhabit these grasslands. Nowhere is better to experience this type of oneness with nature than in the Maasai Mara. It lies on an area of 1,510 square km in Narok county, Southern Kenya and boasts about 400 species of animals including 1.5 million wildebeests, thousands of zebras, buffalos and antelopes, and many species of birds. Maasai Mara is the most popular tourist attraction in Kenya and East Africa and is home to the annual wildebeest migration, the seventh wonder of the world. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding Maasai Mara to your travel destinations.

Unique Variety of Plants and Animals (Including the big 5)

With a wide variety of animals and birds and plant species inhabiting the Maasai Mara reserve, a safari to the park will definitely guarantee a satisfying site-seeing of the wildlife.

leopard in the savanna

Most game-chasers coming to Kenya or Africa are looking forward to seeing the big five, the most popular animals on the African plains, the lion, elephant, buffalos, white and black rhinos, and the shy leopard. At the Maasai Mara you will see some of the big five, and if you are lucky, you will get to see all of them. The hardest to site are the rhinos and leopards as they are solitary and shy away from humans.

Easy access to Accommodation

Enchoro Wildlife Camp

The Maasai Mara Game Reserve has many accommodation facilities including luxury lodges, luxury tented camps, budget camps and campsites inside and around it. This is especially helpful as tourists do not need to again travel long distances to get to accommodation, and also, brings about that serenity and enables one bond with the natural uncorrupted savanna. The best luxury lodges or budget wildlife also offer outstanding services to guests on their stay. It is important you book a good accommodation prior to your safari to the Maasai Mara to confirm that you get best value for your money and also on rooms availability, especially during the high seasons.

sopa lodge
Mara Sopa Lodge

Book Top Budget Accommodation at Maasai Mara

Its Accessibility

The Maasai Mara is now more than ever very accessible. First, there are daily flights going into Maasai Mara by different airlines, such as SafariLink, into different locations at The Mara hence opening it up to more people. “Gone are the days when travelling to Maasai Mara was such a struggle. We now fly daily to Maasai Mara to ensure that tourists get a chance to go where they wish in the Reserve. Flying daily also opens up The Reserve as more people will find it much more accessible hence convenient,” John Buckley, SafariLink Managing Director stated in a past interview. Also, a road network connects the park to Nairobi through Narok town. Though the trip from Nairbi to Maasai mara is a staggering 6 hours and a 60 kilometers stretch from Narok is poor murram road, it is adventurous to try out as you view the country-side and the great rift valley and other breathtaking features.

The Maasai Culture

Maasai dance

The Maasai have been for so long the most iconic tribe for Kenya due to their unique and outstanding way of life that has not been corrupted throughout the years even with colonization and introduction of the Western culture. The Maasai have upheld their culture, unique lifestyle, clothing and medicine. Maasai Mara allows you to interact closely with the Maasai communities in a magical way. There is only so much you can learn and experience!

The Great Migration

This more than anything should have you booking a trip for the Maasai Mara. The annual wildebeest migration, the seventh wonder, involves around 1.5 million wildebeest and 500,000 zebras that cross over from the Serengetti plains of Tanzania across the Mara river into Maasai Mara. The spectacle is unique to any other worldwide and is so breathtaking. Taking place around July and August, the migration attracts thousands of tourists everyday to come witness the wonders of nature. The migrating wildebeests also attract a lot of game, especially predators which trail the grazers, hence you are sure to do some good game-chasing.

great wildebeest migration Maasai Mara

Entertaining Activities

In addition to a wild natural safari game-drive, the Maasai Mara offers more fun packed activities that you must indulge in, including the Maasai villages treks, community dances, especially in the evenings, bush dinners and bush picnics. Also, if you are eager to have a bird’s eye-view of the expansive savanna and its wildlife, you can book a balloon safari on a hot-air balloon above the Maasai Mara.

Safety (Security)

The area inside and around the Maasai Mara game reserve is safe as protection for tourists and guides is offered by both the county government of Narok as well as the National government. Also, game wardens from the Kenya Wildlife Service do patrols inside and on the periphery of the game reserve to ensure both wildlife and tourists are safe. The Maasai who inhabit the area are also diligent and peace-loving and do not in any way come into conflict with tourists.

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Choose A Group or Private Safari?

Planning your adventure safari to Africa must be very exciting. Definitely, you will have made a bucketlist of all the places to visit and the activities you will be involved in your trip. As a traveller, or tourist, you may be planning for your trip and thinking, well, should we do a group tour with other guests, a scheduled tour, or just book a private safari? Choice of a safari package is very key to your satisfaction and overall experience of your entire safari and there are many things to consider as you choose your travel package. Most tour operators offer Private safaris where your whole itinerary is exclusive and you travel alone or with your few guests. Also, they offer Group safaris where different guests are pooled in one safari itinerary or scheduled tours that have fixed dates and fixed circuit of most popular attractions. Here are tips to help you choose your travel style to your comfort.

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Cosider Your Travel Goal

It goes without saying that you need to consider your objectives for the safari, that will affect your areas of travel. If you are considering for example a group safari, you should check with your tour operator and do a scheduling. Sometimes they may tell you it’s not possible especially if the area of interest is not so common and you will have to book a private safari. The good news however, is some tour operators offer tailor-made itineraries that are so flexible they fit right perfectly with most travellers schedule and objectives.

Browse through some interesting Kenya Travel Itineraries

Check Your Budget

Your travel style will be determined by how much you are going to spend on the safari. Before you travel you definitely know how much you are going to spend, having this in mind should help point you out to the travel package to choose. If budgeting is a priority and you are looking forward to a cheaper option, then a group safari is recommended. A scheduled safari is also affordable, however it is not so popular due to rigidity on scheduling and destinations. If it fits your travelling plans, though, scheduled trips are the best!

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Do You Mind The Social Experience? The Company?

Group safaris can be fun and social, and you could get to interact in the African savanna while having the adventure experience of your life! Worst case scenario, it could put you with people you don’t get on with. You’ll have to listen to their constant chatter and contend with what the group wants to see and do (not everyone wants to stop for birds, small mammals, or wait an hour to see if a kill will occur). There may also be arguments over start times, and time spent for lunch (perhaps some people don’t like being up before 9 and like a 1 or 2 hour lunch break or want to have a shower at lunch?). Not only that but with 6-8 of you in a jeep, you are stuck to whatever seat you are in, you don’t have freedom to move around. In private, you get the jeep to yourselves. sit where you like. stand where you like, talk when you want, silence when you want, stop when you want, for what you want, and however long you want and start and finish each day as suits you and your driver. You could have the full length of your jeep to change seats and walk around in to get the best possible viewing angles, and of course, you have to share your wonderful guide with anyone!


Is Your Schedule Flexible?

Are your travel dates fixed? Can you change your travel schedule? Private safaris are the best if you have a fixed schedule and cannot change dates or interchange destinations, say go to Maasai Mara then Lake Nakuru, instead of Lake Nakuru then Maasai Mara. Group safaris will often need you to be flexible and slightly change travel plans if necessary to accommodate all members. This, however should not be a major problem as tour operators group people with same interests and destinations together.

Are You Travelling As A Big Group?

You should consider your number as you choose your travel package. If you are few in number, maybe a person or two, especially in the low season when people do not travel as often, you will sometimes have to do a private safari. If the number is larger, sharing the same vehicle, it will still be a private safari since you do not share with any foreign group. However, the rates may change to that of a group tour, depending on your operator. You should check with your safari operator to know the minimum requirement for each safari package.

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When To Visit Kenya

by  Enchoro Wildlife Camp, Maasai Mara

Lake Nakuru flamingos

Kenya, due to its proximity to the equator and hence equatorial climate, does not face extreme changes in weather all year round. However, the seasons vary slightly throughout the year and this determines the migratory pattern of animals and also the accessibility of parks, tourist frequency and many more factors you need to consider as you travel. To be able to know when to travel we need to look into the monthly weather, animal migratory and tourist frequency patterns.

January to February is usually the warm dry season and animals will be looking for food and water and the park roads are very accessible as they will not be much affected by rains at this time. Animals are seen to concentrate in popular attractions where there may be more water or vegetation. It is a nice time to go safari game driving or even a beach holiday down at the Coast! The water is much clearer as not much sediment is washed up by rivers to the Coast at this time. Also, much fewer tourists travel at this time and hence you can get more exclusive services and deals.
March, April and May is when to expect the long rains. During this period Kenya experiences the heaviest rainfall, especially in the highland regions where it can exceed 2000mm annually. This is definitely not the time to go mountain climbing as the slopes of mountains like Mount Kenya, Mt. Elgon, Longonot and other popular mountains will be too slippery. The weather up Mt Kenya will also be a bit more to the extreme at this time, and you will be prone to hypothermia or respiratory illness. Parks will also experience heavy rainfall and a game drive will be challenging. However, if you can brave the rain, this is a chance for a low season discount bargain and great deals!

June and July are the coldest seasons and present a start to the dry season that continues all the way to October. June is also the time when the annual wildebeest migration takes place, a spectacle that sees about 1.5 million wildebeests cross over from the Serengetti into Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve. If you are looking forward to seeing the migration then this will be the best time to book a safari. However, you should note that this is the high season and you should make your bookings way prior so that you do not miss your chance for a satisfying African safari. A safari at this time will also cost you a bit more, especially if you are headed for the Maasai Mara but the experience is definitely worth a few more dollars!

Short rains occur in October and November. The migratory wildebeests will be making their way back to the Serengetti plains of Tanzania. Most animals will either be pregnant or will be having their youngones on their tow. The landscape is beautiful and green and the short rains are not so deterring so you can still enjoy a perfect safari.

December sees plenty tourists make their way to Kenya, especially to the Coast of Mombasa for a tropical beaches retreat. Why not, when you have the warm December sun over your head, a cool Ocean breeze, white sandy beaches, good deals on luxury lodges and hotels, and the friendly Swahili people?

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Why book a high season safari

Why book a low season safari

The SGR Travel Experience

Try The Mombasa Holiday SGR Travel

Isn’t it a brilliant idea to take advantage of the fast, cheap, convenient and safe SGR means of travel for a leisure holiday at the Coast of Kenya? Mombasa is a convenient and beautiful retreat and the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has seen a significant increase in Coastal leisure travel and especially domestic tourism to the Coastal destinations. Travel guides and tour operators even have an option for including the SGR travel plans in your itinerary! You should consider including the 4 hour train ride to Mombasa instead of a roadtrip or a flight for your next coastal expedition or leisure trip for these few reasons.

The Experience

The SGR journey is a remarkable experience of comfort and is something you should try if you are looking forward to travelling to Mombasa. Divided into two classes, the first class coach seating 72 and an economy class seating 118, it offers due luxury fo those travelling. The sgr travel rates are more affordable if compared to other means of travel, and for a first class you will part with 3000ksh,  an economy ticket will only cost you 700ksh.

CBD Train Pick up point at 1.30pm:

A train picks up passengers from the Mombasa SGR Terminus and ferries them to Mombasa Railway Station in the CBD. At the Nairobi SGR Terminus a train ferries passengers to Nairobi Central Railway Station.

Train Schedule:

Nairobi – Mombasa: 9:00am Mombasa – Nairobi: 9:00om
Get a ticket from our ticketing offices at the Nairobi/Mombasa Termini & pay by cosh or card.

Tickets charges/Fare

  • Economy Class – Ksh 700
  • First Class – Ksh 3,000.

Therefore, this is why you should consider the SGR,

1.It is Safer

Indeed railway transport is safer than road transport as it is less prone to accidents or attacks from bandits, etc. Travelling by rail you can worry less about arriving safely and focus more on your travel experience.


How long would a car ride take from Nairobi to Mombasa? Probably between 7 and 8 hours. Knowing the SGR takes only 4 hours, one would mostly not hesitate about taking the train ride. More often than not you would like to spend the least time possible as you travel, to save on precious time. In this case, the SGR will work best for you.

3.Easily Accessible

Travelling has now been made easier as one can now book a ticket easily through even your mobile handset! Initially, one had to go all the way to Syokimau at the station to book a ticket. That has now been made easier as one can book a ticket from anywhere through this simple procedure.

Book an SGR ticket now

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Travelers using the SGR will enjoy ferrying services from Railways station at the Nairobi CBD to the train station at Syokimau. This means even more convenient travel as you wont have to worry much about organizing your own transport. Also, the railway station at Mombasa is relatively close to the town, about 15km hence pickups will be easier and transport to the town is good.

Tips On Preparing For A Kenya Safari

Adequate preparation is key if you are looking forward to any travel expedition or adventure safari, especially if you are travelling from a long distance. Proper preparation will definitely save on time as well as money and effort needed to hurriedly look for the essential items required during your travel. No one wants to and no one is able to acquire a new binocular in the middle of the park during a wild adventure safari! This means it is important to make all necessary arrangements and get all necessary items prior to embarking on your travel safari in Kenya. Below are some important things to take note of while preparing for your safari in Kenya or anywhere in the world.

  1. Identify places of interest in Kenya, places to visit

Kenya has plenty of unique safari travel destinations, each with its own unique tourist attractions, topography and animal and plant life, the most widely known being the Maasai Mara, famously known for its annual wildebeest migration from Serengeti in Tanzania. Decide what activities you’re going to do or what it is you want to see, if it’s the big five, flamingos, rhinos, birds, zebras or marine-life and find out where in Kenya to find them.

  1. Getting enough knowledge about the places you need to visit

This is helpful especially if it is your first time visiting an area. It is important that you find key information about places of interest such as the various National Parks and Game reserves and other places of tourist attraction. Such information can be gotten through travel articles online or through correspondence with a trusted tour operator or tour organizer. This gives the traveler a basic picture of the area, what to expect, and therefore essential guidelines on how to plan for the safari. This also helps the traveler determine the time required to achieve travel objectives.

  1. Look for a trusted tour operator, organizer or tour agent

Tour operators are basically indexed companies that organize and facilitate travel programs and itineraries for adventure safari lovers and travelers. It is advisable to travel with the help of a tour operator as this will ensure you travel stress free, only to deal with your travel objectives. Tour operators will organize cheap deals on accommodation and offer transport, airport and residence pickups and drop-offs as well as tour guide services. How awesome is that! Some travelers choose to travel on their own. However, it would be cumbersome to get around on your own and a lot of people may exploit your lack of knowledge to their benefit and give poor deals or overcharge.

  1. Go Safari Gear Shopping

Just imagine your safari and think of all the items you would need during your travel to Kenya. The Game Reserves and National Parks are often at remote areas away from shopping places therefore all items required should be acquired beforehand. First and foremost you will need a proper travelling bag. Space is of the essence while travelling especially if it is a group safari meaning more limited luggage space. So while planning your safari make sure you choose a smaller more compact bag that is still able to carry all the items that you will require. Here’s a short list of some of the items you may need on a Kenyan safari.

  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen and a sun-hat
  • A notebook and pen or diary
  • A good camera, you need to capture all the magical moments in the savanna
  • A jacket or sweater for the cold weather
  • A tent (check with your operator if required) for an adventure camping trip
  • Battery charger
  • Kikoi or lesso (Kenyan all-purpose traditional Maasai fabric, can be used as a garments a shoal against the cold in early morning game drives)
  1. Budget for your safari

Check with your Kenya tour operator and lias on how to budget your Kenyan adventure safari. Look out for the deals that offer the best rates as well as a wholesome adventure safari. You need to check the Kenya park fee rates and also accommodation rates and budget according to your travel plan. Aside from safari money you can also budget for tipping. Giving tips is a good gesture to staff and driver guides as it motivates and empowers them. However try not to over-tip as it may create unwarranted expectations or resentment from other travellers.

  1. Book your flight and flight pickup in advance

It is important to book your flight early in advance to avoid last-minute hackles like finding airlines fully books, especially if it is during peak seasons. You also need to book a flight pickup for when you arrive in Kenya. You definitely do not want to be stranded at the airport or have to look way around for a taxi or cab or über, you can simply request an affordable airport pickup to your accommodation or wherever you may want. You can also contact an online Kenyan tour provider and check for an airport pickup option.

  1. Putting your travel documents in order

Before you travel you definitely need to check the validity and legitimacy of your travel documents. For U.S. travelers heading to Africa, you need a passport that’s valid for six months after your flight back to the States, though some tour companies recommend having your passport valid for nine months after, just to be safe. Most countries also want you to have two blank pages for their departure and entry stamps, so make sure your passport has two pages for each country you’ll be leaving and entering. If you are travelling to Kenya you are going to need a visa. Travelling to Kenya however lets you buy a visa when you arrive there, and you should bring U.S. dollars in cash to pay for it. Passport and visa requirements vary by country and can change without notice, so when you’re planning your trip make sure you check with your travel agent or the embassy of the country you’re planning to visit.

  1. Carry the right attitude and spirit

On an adventure safari you should carry with you a warm and open-hearted feeling to accept the environmental, cultural as well as geographical change into the east African savanna. A good attitude will go a long way in enabling you appreciate the beauty of the wild safari and in your relationship with fellow travellers.

  1. Medication and vaccinations

Once you have booked a safari it is important to check with your personal doctor on any medication you need to carry on your trip or any vaccination you need to take before the trip. Anti-malaria drugs are highly recommended since Kenya is in the tropics region.

  1. Get to know common Swahili phrases

Learn a few Swahili phrases such as greetings and how to introduce yourself and more simple phrases. Click on the link to learn some popular Swahili phrases.

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Places To Visit in Nairobi

Top Places To Visit In Nairobi

Nairobi, also known as the city under the sun, or the city of cool waters, is a fun city packed with lots of adventure amidst the busy jostling of everyday urban life. Here is a list of some of the exciting attractions and places of leisure in Nairobi.

1.Nairobi National Park and Animal Orphanage

Nairobi National Park is the biggest enclosed animal sanctuary in Nairobi where wild animals can coexist within their natural environment. Located just about 7 km from Nairobi Central business district it is easily accessible on Lang’atta road. Here one can take a tour and witness various flora and fauna in their natural state. Major wildlife attractions are the Black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffaloes, Giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elands and diverse birdlife with over 400 species recorded. Adjacent to the Park is the animal orphanage. Here you have a chance to see animals in captivity. Most animals here are the sick and recovering, the old, or the orphaned and vulnerable, taken from the park for proper care and protection.

2.KICC building

The Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) is internationally reknown as avenue for important meetings, events, exhibitions and special events. You can take a trip to the top of the building for 200ksh and view the city skyline at the 105 metres high rooftop. Nairobi has such a beautiful skyline with Nairobi National park to the South, Jomo Kenyatta international airport to the Southeast, and suburbs to the East ,West and North.

3.Paradise Lost

Paradise lost is a beautiful haven, just 10km away from Nairobi town, near Kiambu. In the middle of a coffee plantation, it offers a myriad of attractions and an opportunity for fun packed activities for friends and family as well. Its main siting being a small beautiful waterfall that is at the entrance of a labyrinth of caves interconnected and forged by water about 2.5 million years ago. Other activities include a nature walk, boat riding, camping, or a warm family or friends’ picnic at the site.

4.Maasai Ostrich farm in Kitengela

Founded in 1991 initially as a ranch house, the resort offers luxury accommodation with five spacious en suite double rooms, tastefully furnished and ten tents with both double and single beds. Maasai Ostrich Resort is located 45 km’s from Nairobi on the Athi River/kitengela plains. One hour drive from the city centre and seven Kilometers off Namanga road. Maasai Ostrich farm provides an opportunity to interact with ostriches, the largest bird, even get an ostrich ride! You can also have a taste of the delicious ostrich meat and or the nutritious ostrich eggs. Maasai ostrich farm also offers accommodation on 5 spacious double-rooms.

5.Paintball Fury Karen

For as low as 1000ksh for 150 paintballs, in Nairobi’s Karen suburbs, you can indulge in paintball gun tag with friends and loved-ones. Complete with set-up obstacles, and full-protection gear, opponents go against each other, shooting paintballs while trying to secure a flag. Winning is through getting the flag to the opponent’s side. Paintball fury offers a chance for adventure and fun for thrill lovers.

6.Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya, located just 10k from Nairobis city centre , showcases Kenya’s culture in its miniature. The word Bomas is derived from the Swahili word Boma meaning, homestead or home. At the Bomas you will find various village settings of some popular Kenyan communities. Also, Bomas organizes traditional dances and acts aimed at promoting African and Kenyan culture. You, cannot afford to miss the most exciting traditional dances and acrobatic show which starts at 2.30pm to 4.00pm during A weekdays and 3.30pm to 5.15pm weekends and public holidays. There is also a children’s playing ground at the premises so you can unwind as your kids have fun playing in the slides or sand.

7.Panari Ice-skating

Located at Mombasa road, Panari sky centre offers you the opportunity to turn your dreams of ice skating into reality. An hour in the Ice Rink will cost about ksh500 for kids and ksh700 for adults respectively and boots are provided on arrival.

8.Nairobi Arboretum

You will find the Nairobi arboretum on state-house road just next to State-house. Established in 1907 by Mr. Batiscombe, then Deputy Conservator of Forests, to try out introduced forestry trees for Kenya, it has many species of trees, labelled out clearly for all to know and learn about trees. It is a haven for biologists and scientists as well as fun-lovers who would just wish to have an afternoon picnic or outing on the well-made picnic tables and chairs. No entrance fee is required. The arboretum boast around 350 species of trees sitting on about 30 acres of land.

9.Indoor Rock-climbing byBluesky tours in Diamond plaza

You don’t have to go out into the wild to enjoy some rock climb thanks to Blue Sky’s indoor rock climbing facility located in the Diamond plaza. Whether you’re a pro or an amatuer out to try something new there’s something for everyone.

10.Karura forest

Gazetted in 1932 as an urban forest, Karura offers an opportunity for adventure seekers to be at one with the wild in Nairobi’s urban setting. The various exciting trails are great for hiking and treks or jogs. You will also come across great features in the forest such as a waterfall, bamboo forest, marshland, Mau Mau caves and an old church.

Holiday Travel Packages

er-19Enchoro Wildlife Camp Maasai Mara offers fun-packed travel itineraries that tourists can choose from and travel all over Kenya and Tanzania visiting the most fascinating and thrilling attraction sites and game parks in Kenya and Tanzania. This helps guests get the most from their travel experience as the programs are well planned in consideration of geographical location and activities and wildlife present at the various locations, ensuring guest enjoy all aspects of adventure travel in Kenya and sighting of most animal, birds and plant species in the wild. On booking, individuals as well as groups can choose provided travel packages or create a personalized travel programs according to your convenience. Also, you can choose to travel privately with one or few companoins or join a group of other tourists. Usually the rates for private travel are different from group travel rates. Check out our rates here.

Some of the Travel Programs at Enchoro Wildlife Camp:

Road and Flying Safari Packages:

Two Days One Nights Flying Safari package View full itinerary Now
Three Days
Two Nights Flying Safari package View full itinerary Now
Three Days Two Nights Masai Mara Safaris View full itinerary Now
Four Days Three Nights Masai Mara Safari View full itinerary Now
Four Days Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru Safari View full itinerary Now
Six Days Masai Mara Lake Nakuru Amboseli View full itinerary Now
Eight Days Amboseli-Naivasha-Bogoria-Lake Nakuru-Masai Mara

Masai Mara Balloon Safari Experience Programme.
( The Price USD 420 Per Person. )

Check out our interesting air-balloon tour activities at the Maasai Mara. We offer the best professional tours at the Maasai Mara and our travel guides are the friendliest and eager to be of service.   Book Now

Masai Mara Honeymoon Safari Package 4 Days 3 Nights.
Honeymooners safaris, Honeymoon Packages Honeymoon Planning and Honeymoon Destinations all available through Enchoro wildlife camp. View Details Here!

Tanzania-Kenya Safaris

8 Days Amboseli-Lake Manyara-Serengeti-Ngorongoro Crater- Tarangire..read itinerary here.
8 Days Masai Mara-Lake Nakuru-Amboseli-Lake Manyara-Ngorongoro Crater..read itinerary here.
8 Days Lake Nakuru-Masai Mara-Serengeti-Lake Manyara-Ngorongoro Crater.read itinerary here.
9 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari Combinations..read itinerary here.
10 Days Kenya and Tanzania Adventure Camping...read itinerary here.
11 Days Kenya and Tanzania Camping Safari..read itinerary here.